Welcome to look at The Dox!

Have a look at some renderings of the hotel I designed for my major project! I have worked in ArchiCAD and Photoshop.
Please leave a comment and tell me what you thought.


Graduation / exhibition night!

I thought it was time I showed a photo of me and my final boards from my major project!
On my presentation my samples didn’t want to stick on my board but at the exhibition they did great! ;D (btw I love my carpet sample, big thanks to Fine Carpets for letting me borrow it twice!)

The last semester at college was sooo intense, maybe because I went ‘all in’ on every assessment we had. I always pushed myself to be on top of everything so the last two weeks before the presentation of my major project I barely slept haha. But in the end of those weeks I was super lucky to get my boards printed by a friend, thank god, I didn’t have to pay $180 as everyone else in my class did.
Anyway, my hard work did paid off…… I won an award on the graduation night!!!

The Square Peg Award! 😀

 ImageMe looking silly happy! 
I will always remember and cherish the time I had in Sydney at CATC Design School. I learnt so much!

Now I’m back in Sweden for a new adventure!  

#Instagram combo photos








I’ve started to make compositions of photos I take on a daily basis. Keeps my creativity going! And I’m always taking photos of things I find inspiring anyway, why not do something fun with it! (:

ImageA day at Sydney Indesign


ImageSample hunting in Potts Point

ImageOn a walk in Newtown

ImageGetting inspired at The Art Gallery NSW

ImageOn a walk to Glebe

ImageLight installations in The Rocks vs mine at home

and some more light installations outside MCA

ImageShadows and silhouettes of trees in The Rocks

What the MCA café would get with me as the designer!

We had a drafting assessment where we had to design a new seating area for the Museum of Contemporary Arts balcony café. So this is what I did 🙂

It started with analysing the brief

Then some design thinking.. At first I wanted a concept that was a contrast to the square contemporary building, so something organic and flowing. But ended up mixing the hard squareness with a soft organic shape.

Square contemporary meets organic. Let’s call it ECOntemporary haha..
Here are my sketches. Starting by imitating the image and turning it into an organic shaped bench. Then developing that idea into making the base more geometric and contemporary but keeping the softness on the overall shape.


The last sketch I made I scanned in to photoshop and put some colour on the top part that would be made of orange polyurethane. 

And that was my sketches for the seating area of MCA café.
I kind of wish it was a real project, how cool wouldn’t that be to have your design on that balcony where you can see the whole Sydney Harbour?…… 🙂